About Us

At Sweet Surrender, our customers experience a well-deserved, fun and delicious escape from daily routine. As a bakery ‘married’ to a boutique, our visitors always find delicious treats in the bakery and a boutique area to be remembered.

Cupcakes and cakes and cookies, Oh My!

Sweet Surrender’s bakery is always creating fresh, new items to satisfy your sweet tooth. Visiting the bakery is a scrumptious sensory experience. You’ll be greeted by a friendly smile and the delicious sweet aroma of fresh baked goodness. As you reach the bakery cases, you’ll find yourself surrounded with the visual delights of our luscious cupcakes, cakes, cookies and bars, brownies, specialty desserts such as cream puffs and eclairs and many varieties of Ramon’s Famous Bread Pudding, cheesecakes and other seasonal favorites.

Our Secret: The Finest and Freshest Ingredients

All of the baked goods are made with the highest quality ingredients. Real butter, fine flours, the most delicious cocoa and chocolate available and yes, every item in our case has one more special ingredient: a little love baked into every treat. You’ll taste the difference in the first bite and enjoy it until the last.

Our Boutique

Whether you’re looking for sassy, unique, vintage, retro, witty or just adorable, there’s always something new to choose from in the bright, happy and colorful boutique. As we say “one never knows what treasure one might find at Sweet Surrender.”

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